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1.   LOI / LOA submitted by Govt Buyer/Govt Authorized company(Buyer) All Vaxx/Mexco NCNDA REQUIREMENTS * – 24 Hours.

2.   All Vaxx/Mexco SOP signed & accepted before the transaction can proceed or be discussed. – 24 Hours.

3.  All Vaxx/Mexco NCNDA (Buyer parties who are involved in the transaction including buyer, buyer mandate, buyer intermediaries with passport & full details) & signed without any modifications within **48 hours, any party refusing to sign NCNDA or any required documentation will excluded from participating in the transaction.)

     a. LOI / LOA submitted by Govt Buyer/Govt Authorized company (Buyer).

     b. LOA must be signed by (in order or preference):

        (i)   The Minister of Health

        (ii)   Office of the Prime Minister

        (iii)   Head of a military or

        (iv)    Health Ministry

        A document from the “Covid Task Force Minister” may also be accepted.

4.   Seller issues SCO & PI.


5.   Buyer signs SCO & PI – 24 Hours.

6.   POF funds in an Attorney’s escrow account in a JP Morgan Chase Bank, Bank of America, Wells Fargo & Bank of England in order to do Escrow to Escrow transfers (Ledger to Ledger). ATV (attorney to verify) call between seller’s escrow attorney, buyer’s attorney and buyer’s banking officer.

7.   Once POF confirmed by escrow attorney.

8.  Buyer deposits 20 % commitment fee into seller’s Attorney’s Paymaster/Escrow account. Once Commitment Deposit is confirmed in Attorneys Escrow Account by Attorney.

9.   Seller issues POL in - 48 Hours*, seller arranges allocation of Vaccine & provides Batch numbers, Buyer verifies Batch numbers.

10.  Seller issues SPA & PI.

11.  Buyer Signs SPA & PI and returns to Seller.

12.   Seller confirms shipping schedule.

13.  Buyer arranges transfer of balance 80 % transaction fee to seller’ Attorney’s Paymaster / Escrow account (within 48 Hours). SGS and/or Federal Inspector report will be issued confirming Vaccines are ready for shipping, prior to loading.

14.  Payment options at the discretion of the supplier/manufacturer of the vaccine


Payment Method:

Due to manufacture/supplier terms & conditions, certain destination countries will require a prepayment deposit (commitment Fee) of 20 % depending on tranche, into seller’s International Escrow account, this is dependent on manufacturer, quantity and country which are evaluated on a case by case basis by the manufacturer / supplier (and are subject to availability). Balance 80% on verification report prior to Loading.

Payment: Escrow Account with JP Morgan, Bank of America, Wells Fargo & Bank of England. Escrow is the only accepted method of payment.

15.  CIF  to  designated  destination,  Time  of  delivery  is  dependent  on  scheduled  flights  and  logistics  operational requirement. Buyer informs destination airport customs to fast track clearance and arranges cold chain transportation on standby. Buyer is responsible for all local taxes, import permits, clearance and pharmaceutical permits and licenses and will be the importer of record.

**Timelines are approximate.

NCNDA REQUIREMENTS: Buyer/intermediary parties involved in the transaction must supply full details with passport and all requested in English and not older than 3 months in our NCNDA REQUIREMENTS letter.

LOI + LOA requirement

LOI from Government Authorized Company (Buyer).

Supporting documents (to include Import, Pharmaceutical and Storage Licenses) LOA on official Government Letterhead Ministry / Competent Authority letterhead that is controlling the budget for vaccine procurement.

After receiving the signed SPA, Pro forma invoice, paperwork covering allocation and scheduling is provided. After payment confirmation the following are provided:

a.   WHO Prequalification document/ Shipping Documents/ Airway Bill “AWB”

b.  Certificate of Pharmaceutical Product & Certificate of Origin

c.  GMP Certificate / Packing Slip

d.  Certificate of Analysis “COA”

e.  Declaration of Conformity/ Export Documentation

Please Note:

The supply of vaccines is subject to Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) of Covid-19 vaccines by the Importing country government.

All correspondence will go through AllVaxx.com email servers and AllVaxx LLC directors and managers. All communications must be in writing, oral communications must be confirmed in writing.


Power of Attorney or buyer’s mandate authority letter are required by intermediary prior to commencement of negotiation for this transaction. No contact allowed from any intermediaries. If intermediaries contact the buyer, seller, their mandates, facilitators, administrators, managers, attorneys, government agents/agencies, or government ministers/ministries, the intermediary will be removed from the transaction and subject to NCNDA breach consequences.

NCNDA must be signed as is, should intermediary not sign NCNDA as in point 3 above, as requested, they automatically recuse themselves from transaction, Even if NCNDA is not signed, the intermediary agrees to all terms of NCNDA as if he signed the document, the intermediary agrees to be bound by all terms of the NCNDA. Unless varied by agreement recorded in writing by both parties, the fact that this document may not be signed by either of the parties will not per se invalidate these provisions or render them unenforceable. To render these provisions applicable and enforceable it will be sufficient that parties are aware hereof and thereafter proceeds in the transaction.

Commissions are set by AllVaxx LLC managers, directors, and associates. No negotiation on commissions.



Although it is unlikely, This policy may be changed at any time at our discretion. If we update this policy, we will post the updates to this page on our website. If you have any questions or concerns regarding our terms of service and SOP please direct them to: [email protected]

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